Link BuildingLink Building:  Still Relevant SEO Strategy

Link building is a key component in an organization's Search Engine Optimization efforts.  Frequently referred to as "Off-page optimization," link-building is the process of obtaining external links that point to your website from other websites.  These links are viewed as "recommendations" and build credibility for your website.  Google ranks your web page — in part —  based on the number of valuable and related links.  You can view this as a "sort-of" voting system; the one with the most related votes will do well.

Link building and link popularity is important for a well-optimized website.  In fact, link building is one of the most important factors that a search engine algorithm considers when ranking a web page. 

Effective link building is achieved by blogging on a regular basis, submitting your websites to online classifieds/directories and by taking advantage of the many social media platforms that are available – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Let us develop a strategy for you.  We can help drive online traffic to your website.