Mobile Web Use is Exploding!  Make sure your Mobile Site Exceeds Expectations.

Is your site mobile-friendly?  Or Does it Require Excessive Pinching & Zooming to View on a Smartphone?

Mobilize your Website

It likely comes as no surprise that with the advent of iPhones and Android devices, mobile web use is exploding.

A Visual Comparison:

The image on the right illustrates the difference between a website that is optimized for mobile (mobile-friendly) and one that is not optimized for mobile.   With a much smaller screen, an unoptimized mobile website makes navigating your site on mobile much more challenging.

An unoptimized mobile site will require excessive pinching and zooming to view content — a user experience that will undoubtedly leave a negative impression in the minds of your website visitors.

With a staggering increase in smartphone usage, there remains a tremendous opportunity for the businesses that embrace this opportunity.

  • Studies indicate that by 2014, mobile use of websites will surpass conventional desktop access.
  • According to a June, 2012 Google study, “48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when they go to a site that’s not mobile-friendly.”

Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations with a Site Optimized for Mobile:

Amongst the various considerations, an optimized mobile website should appropriately address the following three mobile characteristics:

  • Mobile devices have small screens
    A mobile website should be easy to read without pinching or zooming.
  • Navigation should be “thumb-friendly”
    Human fingers and thumbs are not precise instruments. Tiny buttons and links can be difficult to click.  A mobile site should be designed with thumbs in mind: use wide buttons and give them breathing room so users don’t hit the wrong one by mistake.
  • Click-to-Call Functionality
    Since your customers already have their phone in hand, why not take advantage? Prominently display your phone number and use Click-to-Call functionality, a simple way to take advantage of the natural capabilities of mobile phones that allows users to dial with a single tap.