Challenge:  Kundinger had an existing website.  However, they had no tracking capability nor could they make content changes themselves.  Every time they wanted to make a change, no matter how insignificant, they were required to call the web designer who billed them for each modification. 

Solution:  Kundinger chose WSI – Jungling Consulting & Education to redesign their website.  The website is professional, scaleable and provides critical insight into Kundinger’s website traffic.  The solution also possesses a user-friendly content management system – no need for web authoring software or knowledge of FTP.


  • Easy access for clients and prospective clients to access “news,” “line cards,” “white papers,” “videos” and “testimonials”
  • Ability to showcase various strategic vendors/partners and access their respective “product sheets”
  • A look-and-feel that differentiated Kundinger’s two business units, yet provided consistent overall branding for Kundinger
  • Branding that was consistent with offline marketing initiatives
  • Ability for client to update content easily and quickly with user-friendly content management system

Magnum Helicopters


The Magnum Helicopters website was re-designed and launched in March, 2008.  The client wanted a website that was "a little more professional, and a little more user-friendly" from the original website that he had.  In addition to the enhanced overall "look and feel," we incorporated a couple of features worth noting:

  • On the top of each page are banners that are displayed in a rotating fashion, ensuring that site visitors see a different banner on each visit to the website or each time the screen is "refreshed."  Although not currently used as an advertising tool, it could be used to manage Vendor advertising on your site. 
  • On the bottom of the home page is a flash-based photo gallery giving the client the ability to create online picture albums and market his products and showcase his work to his customers.  The flash-based photo gallery is currently set up as an auto slide-show with custom timer settings.

"A helicopter was sold because of a lead generated from the website…We consider your work 90% of our advertising and the way people find us.  If you break it down, your company is the sales division for us…"
Magnum Helicopters

Outta Site Mobile Self-Storage


Details:  Outta Site Mobile Self-Storage had an existing website that utilized frames, which posed a problem from a search engine perspective. Outta Site also wanted a more user friendly site with online quoting capabilities. Their existing site had a separate static pricing page which required the Internet surfer to manually calculate appropriate storage and delivery charges.

Business Objectives:  To raise Outta Site’s company’s profile; and to provide an automated online quoting feature for their customer.

Summary:  Outta Site Mobile Self-Storage desired the ability to reach a large number of clients in an effective and economical manner. Outta Site chose WSI – Jungling Consulting & Education to develop an Internet solution. The Internet Solution gave Outta Site a defined look and feel to provide a consistent representation of their image and brand position. The site provided database-driven modules and navigation that was user friendly and simple. The site also provided an automated quoting system with which the Internet surfer could interface. This feature delivered real time price quotes based upon inputted zip codes and other storage needs. The site also allowed for easy editing and updating of content, enabling Outta Site to independently make changes to their site. Outta Site has successfully streamlined their operations!