Metalmite Website Redesign


The Challenge

Metalmite Corporation had a website built in one platform and a blog built in another platform. It required separate maintenance and additional effort. The blog had “unfriendly” URL’s — thus, hampering the effectiveness of SEO. The website had a flash banner that wouldn’t render on those devices not supporting flash. The website was also ineffective when viewing on mobile devices as it required excessive pinching and zooming to navigate and view.

The Solution

The solution implemented has had positive effects on the navigability of the site, the user-friendliness of the site and a much improved mobile-experience:

  • The website and blog are now integrated together on the same platform — requiring only a single platform for updating and editing.
  • All URL’s are now “friendly” so that page names include strategic keywords — helpful in SEO efforts.
  • There are several website banners that rotate on the home page. These rotating banners are not in flash — and, therefore, are visible on all devices.
  • The website and blog are both optimized for a mobile-viewing experience. It’s mobile-responsive, meaning all existing and new pages adapt to the device on which the website and blog are viewed.