Rochester Media Website Redesign

Rochester Media

The Challenge

Rochester Media had a “news” type-of-website that was quickly outgrowing its existing site.  It was difficult to discern amongst the various categories of news.  It also required significant scrolling to see the various news stories.  Finally, the website was not mobile-friendly, rendering it ineffective when viewing on mobile devices as it required excessive pinching and zooming to navigate and view.

The Solution

The solution implemented has had positive effects on the navigability of the site, the user-friendliness of the site and a much improved mobile-experience:

  • The website is now optimized for a better mobile-viewing experience. It’s mobile-responsive, meaning all existing and new pages adapt to the device on which the website and blog are viewed.
  • The website showcases the most current “local” stories in a rotating slider that is visible on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • The layout has been significantly simplified so that categories of news stories — and the news stories themselves — are much more “readable” and “intuitive.”
  • All blog posts (news stories) have been “summarized” so that the online reader can much more easily browse posts by category, author or date.
  • The website also now allows the online visitor to view “Recent Tweets” and “Recent Posts” and allows the online visitor to subscribe to the “Community Edge” newsletter.