Display Advertising & Remarketing

Display advertising is a great way of reaching potential patients as they surf the Internet. 

The combination of a display and search campaign delivers substantial synergy, with sales lift from the combined strategy being greater than the sum of the individual components  (Source: comScore).

Your display ad creates brand awareness so that potential patients remember you as they move down the buying funnel towards making a purchase.  With Display advertising your ad appears on top, nationally-recognized websites, but is targeted to local visitors who are more likely to become new customers.

  • Studies indicate that a display campaign can increase the conversion rate of your search campaign by 22% creating sales synergy
  • Ad dollars are steered to the sites that are most cost-effective in bringing prospects to your business.
  • Remarketing displays your ad to people who have previously visited your site to recapture their interest.
  • Display campaigns are geographically targeted, contextually targeted and targeted to category-specific sites for your business.