BlogsBlogs:  Cornerstone of a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

Blogging:  A Digital Marketing CornerstoneA blogging strategy is typically the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing plan.  It's a strategy that organizations can effectively employ to generate leads and build trust, credibility and engagement with clients and prospects.  Blogging is also an effective way to add relevant and meaningful content to your website.

Furthermore, blogs provide the opportunity to market, inform, demonstrate and elicit feedback from your customers / readers.  It is a known fact  that keeping your website "fresh" encourages repeat web visits.  Having a blog on your website is a great way to add content consistently and keep your site fresh – as well as to establish yourself as an expert, thought-leader and credible resource.

As a digital marketing firm, we can design & develop your blog so that it has a consistent look to your website. 

We can also train your organization on how best to leverage blogs as part of your overarching digital marketing strategy.

We will train your organization on how best to leverage the following strategies:

  • Importance of Keyword Research when Blogging and Keyword Research Tools
  • Techniques to Increase Online Visibility (SEO) with Blogs
  • Converting Prospects into Clients
  • Integrating Blogs with Other Social Media Channels, Including LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Building Trust & Credibility with Blogs
  • Powerful Blogging Platforms, Widgets & Plugins
  • Blog Analytics — Measuring Visits, Pageviews, Conversions and Much More