Online ReputationOnline Reputation Management (ORM)

Word of Mouth MarketingOne's online reputation is priceless.  It is what others "say" about you.  It is about knowing everything — positive and negative — that is impacting your brand online.  It is incumbent upon business owners to maintain the integrity of a carefully nurtured brand through careful monitoring.

  • What is the value of your reputation to the success of your business?
  • What are others saying about your company, brand or products?
  • What tools are you using to monitor conversations from blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking portals?
  • How are you managing negative reviews?
  • What policies does your company have in place to respond to online conversation about your company?

Reputation is, in its most basic form, what others say about you.  Before the explosion of social media, reputation was primarily shaped and influenced by "word of mouth" and through advertising in yellow pages, broadcast and print media, and direct mail.

That traditional model, however, has changed.  Over the last several years, growth in local online and mobile search, combined with the introduction of a variety of new local business listing sites and apps, are transforming the ways consumers find and select local businesses.

Today, consumers have more access to information about your business — the good, the bad, and the ugly — than ever before.  Businesses, therefore, need to make extra efforts to maintain proactive online strategies for managing reputation.