Social Media PolicySocial Media Policy

A social media policy is a document that outlines the corporate guidelines and principles of communicating with the public using social media platforms.  The policy applies to all employees and is effective at all times –both during and after work hours.

Importance of Establishing a Social Media Policy

Social Media Training

Whether or not your company is active in the social space, your employees are likely interacting on the social portals -even when they’re not on the job.  Therefore, regardless of how active your company is in the social space, you must ensure you establish a corporate social media policy.

Your employees must be aware that any mention of your company (whether in professional or personal use of social media) must be done in a responsible manner.  It is vital that your staff understands that all content associated with them must align with your company’s values and professional standards.  Also, a social media policy will reiterate for employees that company loyalty extends to all forms of communication, both inside and outside the workplace.

Social Media Training Specialists

As a team of social media experts who bring a business-focus to our clients under the brand, we have developed a series of workshops and training sessions specifically for the business who is looking to leverage social media and social media policy development with their current marketing efforts.