PURL's — Personalized URLs

Use cross-channel marketing technology to boost ROI and tracking for direct mail campaigns!

According to Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 52% of people prefer to respond online to direct mailers.  Therefore, every direct mail campaign must include an effective online response option.  Personalized URLs (PURLs) allow consumers to respond online to direct mail offerings with a single click of the mouse. 

By creating personalized landing pages (i.e. johnsmith.company.com) for each person in your direct mail and/or email marketing campaign, you elicit immediate feedback.

Personalized URLs Features

  • Personalized URLs printed on your direct-mail offerings
  • Enable immediate customer responses on customized landing pages
  • Boost web response with timed, triggered emails
  • Create intelligent mail barcodes
  • Track and measure results
  • Integrate with CRM

Increase Responses

  • 52% of people prefer to respond to direct mail online.
    Source:  DMA
  • 73% of Americans, whether at home or at work, still prefer to receive offers for products and services via U.S. mail.
    Source:  DMA